Charles A. Berg

Charles A. Berg REPRepublican

American politician (1927-2014)

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Charles A. BergREPRepublican American politician (1927-2014)
Age at Death1927-2014
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Charles Allen "Charlie" Berg (October 15, 1927 – January 22, 2014) was an American farmer and politician. Born in Graceville, Minnesota, Berg went to the West Central School of Agriculture in Morris, Minnesota. Berg was a farmer and cattle breeder. He served on the Chokio, Minnesota School Board. Berger also served in the Minnesota State Senate from 1973 to 2002. At different times, he was a Democrat, Republican, and Independent. He died in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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West Central School of Agriculture
Past Positions1 - 2 of 2
Served previously as a Democrat
running in 1996 as Independent
Farm owner