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Ronnie Earle DEMDemocrat

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Ronnie EarleDEMDemocrat American attorney
Age at Death1942-2020
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Ronald Dale Earle (February 23, 1942 – April 5, 2020) was an American politician and judge who was, from January 1977 to January 2009, the District Attorney for Travis County, Texas. He became nationally known for filing charges against House majority leader Tom DeLay in September 2005 for conspiring to violate Texas' election law and/or to launder money. In Texas, Earle was known for his criminal justice reform efforts which focused on crime prevention, alternative sentencing, victim advocacy, and the reintegration of former offenders into society. In 1983, Earle - an Eagle Scout - prosecuted himself for an election law violation after missing a campaign finance filing deadline by one day; he was fined $212. Earle was a fixture in Travis County politics and served in public office there for more than 30 years, joking that he was asked if he was the "District Eternity".Earle spoke extensively on his belief that the law guided public responses to crime but that it was society's collective "ethics infrastructure" that required support to deliver a safer, more just, and more livable community. This belief guided him, as he told the Austin Chronicle in 2008, "It really informs everything I've tried to do – well, not everything, but most of the things I've tried to do as district attorney, especially the most progressive and innovative things that we have done in this office. And the reason is because the law doesn't teach you how to act. ... What I have come to call the 'ethics infrastructure' teaches you how to act.

Education4 - 4 of 2
University of Texas, Austin
University of Texas, Austin
BA Government
Past Positions1 - 7 of 7
District Attorney
Travis County
1976 - 2008
Chief Counsel
Texas Judicial Council
Former Assistant
Governor of Texas John Connally
Former Presiding Judge
Austin Municipal Court
University of Texas- Austin
Criminal Law & Political Science, Community college in Austin
Other Experience1 - 12 of 12
Former Chair
Community Justice Council of Travis County
Former Vice-Chair
Regional Transportation Coordinating Authority Board
Family Justice Division of the District Attorney’s Office
Travis County Child Protection Team
Travis County Community Justice Council
Travis County Public Integrity Unit
Victim Assistance Program
Children’s Advocacy Center
Travis County Bar Association
Community Action Network
Texas District and County Attorneys' Association
Texas Criminal Justice Information System Task Force