Manuel Natal Albelo

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Puerto Rican lawyer and politician

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Manuel Natal AlbeloUKNUnknown Puerto Rican lawyer and politician
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Manuel Natal Albelo (born March 25, 1986) is a former member of the 29th House of Representatives of Puerto Rico. Natal is currently affiliated with the Citizen's Victory Movement party after being previously affiliated with the Popular Democratic Party and a legal advisor for Charlie Hernández, another member of the House, before becoming a legislator. He was a member of the free association movement, colloquially known as soberanistas. Elected at the age of 27, Natal is one of the youngest legislators in the history of Puerto Rico and was the youngest legislator to serve at the time of his election. He was the Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana party's nominee in the 2020 San Juan mayoral election, which he lost to senator Miguel Romero of the New Progressive Party.

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University of Puerto Rico
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