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North Dakota: Voter Guide
Voting Information // North Dakota

Automatic voter registration

Online voter registration

Pre-registration before turning 18

Number of days prior to election a voter must be registered is 15 days or less

Online voter registration closes 15 days or less before Election Day

Registration drives

Same day registration offered in all elections

Same day registration located at polling place

Same day registration offered only during early voting


All mail voting

In-person early voting

Amount of early voting days is higher than 7

Election day is a state holiday

No-excuse mail voting

12+ hours of open polls

Paid time off work to vote

Time off work to vote


Felons can vote after incarceration with completion of sentence

Felons can vote immediately after incarceration

Felons can vote while incarcerated

No ID required to vote

Mental competency not required to register

Non-photo ID required to vote

Photo-ID required to vote

Upcoming Elections

There are no upcoming elections. Sign up for email or text notifications prior to important election dates.

Voting Qualifications

Be able to provide a drivers license, non-driver identification card or other approved form of identification
Reside in the precinct for 30 days preceding Election Day
Resident of North Dakota
United States Citizen
18+ Years of Age


Mail - 
Recommended to request your ballot at least 7 days before Election Day
Mail - 
Voted ballot postmarked 1 day before Election Day and received 5 days after Election Day

More Information

North Dakota does not have voter registration. You simply need to bring valid proof of ID/residency to the polls, and meet the eligibility requirements.

Early voting times vary by county.

Voters may choose which party’s ballot to vote, but you must vote along party lines. If you split your vote between the political parties, your ballot will not count for those races. This does not apply to no-party races or measures.

Any North Dakota resident may apply for an absentee ballot and vote by mail.

If you are voting in person in North Dakota (including absentee), you must present one of the following forms of ID (or a combination of IDs) that shows your name, ND address, and your birth date at the time you vote:

  • Current driver’s license or non-driver’s identification card
  • Tribal government-issued identification
  • Long-term care certificate (provided by ND facility)
  • Another form of ID that shows your name, ND address, and birth date, such as a:
  • Current utility bill
  • Current bank statement
  • Check issued by a federal, state, local, or tribal government
  • Paycheck
  • Document issued by a federal, state, local, or tribal government.

If you are not able to show a valid form of ID but assert qualification as an elector, you will be permitted to mark a ballot and bring valid ID following Election Day to have your vote counted.