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New Hampshire: Voter Guide
Voting Information // New Hampshire

Automatic voter registration

Online voter registration

Pre-registration before turning 18

Number of days prior to election a voter must be registered is 15 days or less

Online voter registration closes 15 days or less before Election Day

Registration drives

Same day registration offered in all elections

Same day registration located at polling place

Same day registration offered only during early voting


All mail voting

In-person early voting

Amount of early voting days is higher than 7

Election day is a state holiday

No-excuse mail voting

12+ hours of open polls

Paid time off work to vote

Time off work to vote


Felons can vote after incarceration with completion of sentence

Felons can vote immediately after incarceration

Felons can vote while incarcerated

No ID required to vote

Mental competency not required to register

Non-photo ID required to vote

Photo-ID required to vote

Upcoming Elections

There are no upcoming elections. Sign up for email or text notifications prior to important election dates.

Voting Qualifications

Not ever convicted of bribery or intimidation relating to elections
Not convicted of a felony, unless you are past your final discharge
Register to vote only in the town or ward in which you actually live
United States Citizen
18+ Years of Age


In Person - 
By Election Day with a valid photo ID
Mail - 
Due between 6 and 13 days before Election Day, depending on which town you live in. Please contact your local clerk's office using the search under helpful links.
Mail - 
Recommended to request your ballot at least 7 days before Election Day
Mail - 
Voted ballot due by 5 p.m. on Election Day

More Information

An undeclared voter may vote in a state primary or a presidential primary. You will be required to choose either a Republican, Democratic or Libertarian ballot when you go to vote. The last day a registered voter can change their party affiliation before the 2022 state primary is May 31, 2022. Supervisors are required to meet on that day between 7:00 am and 7:30 pm to accept party changes.

You may vote by absentee ballot in New Hampshire if:

  • You will be absent on the day of any state election from the county, city, or town in which you are registered to vote
  • You are unable to appear in public on Election Day because of your observance of a religious commitment
  • You are unable to vote in person by reason of physical disability
  • You are unable to vote in person by reason of military service
  • You are unable to appear at any time during polling hours at your polling place because an employment obligation (including the care of children or infirm adults, with or without compensation) requires you to remain physically at work or to be in transit to or from work from the time the polls open until after the time the polls close

If you are voting in person in New Hampshire, you must present one of the following forms of photo ID at the time you vote:

  • A driver’s license issued by any state or the federal government
  • An ID card issued by any state
  • A New Hampshire photo ID for voting identification only
  • A US armed services ID card
  • A US passport
  • A valid student ID card from a college, university, or career school approved or licensed to operate in New Hampshire; a public or accredited private high school in New Hampshire; Dartmouth College; or a college or university operated by the university system or community college system of New Hampshire

If you don’t have one of these IDs, you can vote provisionally if:

  • Your identity is verifiable by a voting official at your voting location
  • You agree to be photographed by a voting official at your voting location before you vote (if you object to being photographed for religious reasons, you can sign a sworn statement instead)